May 16

Missionary news from Timothy Martiny, May 2015

Missionary news from Timothy Martiny, May 2015

This month I, Tim, was invited as a guest on Channel 27, the Guatemalan Christian TV station. It was during a telethon fund raiser for a local ministry called Brazos de Amor y Misericordia which serves poor, needy families in rural Guatemala.

I was asked to share about how we came to Guatemala as missionaries and our ministry here. It was a wonderful opportunity to share what God has helped us accomplish and to challenge people to seek a Biblical perspective on what it means to live a generous life.

The greatest example of generosity in the Bible is that of our heavenly Father who gave His only Son to die for us on the cross so that we could be redeemed and forgiven for our sins. When we fully realize the entirety of what God gave to us, how can we not give of our time, abilities and resources to help those in need?

Culinary Arts
Sharie had a lot of fun with the girls in the cooking club. Some of the dishes they learned to make were cashew chicken, blondies, German pancakes with fried potatoes and sausages, tomato basil soup, bread sticks, mango steak salad and carrot cake cupcakes.

Strategic Development in Orphan Care
One of the new roles that Tim has taken on lately is a greater involvement in the reorganization, planning, research and implementation of best practices in orphan care for one of the orphanages we partner closely with.

We ask for your prayers for him as he works closely with the director to provide these children, who are so close to God’s heart, with the love and care they need to grow into happy, healthy adults with a proper knowledge of God and the clear understanding of His word.

Julia’s Birthday
Our oldest daughter, Julia, turned 16 this month. and we want to ask for your prayers for her in this coming year. She is a wonderful girl we are so proud of her.

She makes good grades in school, loves to study, loves God, has a heart for service, is active in our church youth group and our mission work. We don’t know what God has in store for her life. But we are content to see that she is actively seeking to live a life that glorifies Him.

We are trying to figure out what to do for her in regards to her upcomingcollege and university studies and would appreciate it if you would join us in prayer as we try to decide what to do.

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May 15

Aging-Out Initiative Webinar – CAFO- Orphan Care


W. Scott Brown is the Christian Alliance for Orphans aging-out initiative coordinator. He led the Alliance’s June 2013 Alliance Webinar on this Aging-Out Initiative, which is available below.

Scott’s Story

Email Scott

Successful Life Transition for Aging-Out Orphans from Christian Alliance for Orphans on Vimeo.

May 13

Love the Child Orphanage Construction Project.

LOVE THE CHILDlove the child logo




We provide comprehensive care and developmental support for abandoned, orphaned, and abused children in Guatemala. We currently provide high quality full-time child-care and medical care for the children in our home. It is an inclusive environment, with over half of the children being brought to the home as newborns. Our goal is to enable these children, through loving relationships with caring adults and with one another, to develop into healthy and complete image bearers of God who know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and who will have a positive effect on their culture and their world.

Our Goal is to build a first rate home for the children with a controlled climate including filtered air and temperature and humidity control. The play areas will be in an atrium with 360 windows for maximum natural lighting. The bedrooms will be slightly heated with hot water in the poured concrete floors. The design is based on the “Disneyworld concept”; all utilities will be in the basement, so that areas for children will be free and focused on their special needs. We will employ a range of developing techniques to demonstrate and reap the benefits of sustainable energy and water harvest and usage. This will include solar electricity with a separate LED lighting system, Solar hot water, recycled grey waters and rain water catchment. love the child render PROPERTY

DEVELOPMENT: 1.73 ACRES on sloping terrain Amor del Niño Home for children. Lot 36,37 Col Labor de Castilla I, zn 9 Mixco, Guatemala 11500 sqft main building to include play and therapy areas, dormitories, kitchen, laundry, offices and training areas. The designed capacity is 50 infants and a staff of 25 plus offices for a Foster care management and training team.



Contact Info: Steve OsbornSteve Osborn



TEl: 985-664-9641



World Focus: Guatemala’s Children Languish from Malnutrition

May 08

Iglesia Reforma Church Plant in Guatemala

Iglesia Reforma, founded 2015 by Oscar Morales Justin Burkholder and Gabriela-Steven Morales.

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