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SBS holding foster care information session in Guatemala

SBS-Secretaria de Bienestar Social, is holding an information session on foster care in Guatemala. Date: April 1st, 2017 Time: 8:00-12:00 Place: Salson Tecnico de la Secretaria de Bienestar Social, 32 Calle 9-34, Zona 11, Colonia Las Charcas


Why the world still needs Christian orphanages

By Timothy Martiny A few days ago, on March 7th 2017, a riot broke out at Virgen de Asuncion, a government run children’s home in San Jose Pinula, Guatemala. The underage residents were protesting poor living conditions, malnutrition and, reportedly, physical and sexual abuse, claims which had been substantiated by judges over the years. There[…]

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Guatemala – Fitting in, in a Foreign Country

by David Anicetti As with moving to any foreign country, there exist many customs and traditions unique to Guatemalan culture. In order, to become accustomed with the “way of life” in Guatemala it is best to learn about them and always be respectful of them while in the country. Remember, you will be a visitor[…]

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Living in Guatemala, 2017 Edition: Antigua, Lake Atitlan and Other Expat Hot Spots

by David Anicetti (Author), Robert Prince (Editor) Thinking about moving to Guatemala? Thousands already have, from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Holland and many other countries.What would cause people from all over the globe to choose to move to a third World Country? There are many answers- great weather, friendly people, low cost-of-living are[…]

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Imagine a Church that Serves

Imagine a Church that reads the Bible, prays, and finally, imagine a church that serves! This has been the theme at our local church in Guatemala recently. What would the church look like if the people who attended it, not only accepted the teachings of Christ, but were actually intentional about living them out? What[…]

Look for MY love

Eve M. Harrell, Identify Team Member “Innocence on the face of a sleeping child is so very sweet. When my children were babies I would spend hours watching them as they breathed in and out, enjoying the sweet murmurs as they dreamed. Oh my, I am so very thankful for God’s Love in the eyes[…]

CAFO, Christian Alliance for Orphans, Summit 2017