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DAR (The District of High Performance) is a dynamic, education based organization in Guatemala which seeks to give opportunity to children and their families that are subject to abstract poverty. DAR’s main objective is to stabilize, develop and transform these young people into the nation’s leaders of tomorrow through comprehensive and intentional care in the areas of Health, Nutrition, Education, Psychology, and Community Development.

It’s certainly no easy task, but one that over time is producing lasting impact and something we can really stay excited about being a part of! We are committed to partnering with DAR by donating a portion of each coffee product sold, which means you are helping too! Read below about our 5 pillar strategy for more details.

What is considered normal medical care for most (vaccines, routine checkups, etc.) is many times a non-existent reality for under-served children. And for that reason they come to DAR riddled with health complications ranging from the common cases of lice and parasites, dental decay and foot disease, to more grave issues requiring surgery and intensive care. Since its inception, DAR has implemented a medicine dispensary, a fully equipped medical clinic, and the constant care and supervision of a certified general practitioner Doctor and Nurse to help provide for their needs.

DAR learned very early on that hungry children with malnutrition have higher instances of health issues, a lesser learning capacity, and sadly in many cases, permanent brain development shortfalls. But by reaching these children early on at DAR, they are given 2 full meals and 1 snack per day, all in measured portions that are proven to contain the necessary nutritional basics. And coming from a background of living on as little as 1 tortilla per day (if that!), these kids show incredible and rapid improvement. To ensure the success of this transition to a healthier lifestyle, DAR also employs the expertise of professional Nutritionists who monitor their ongoing eating habits, perform constant revision, and develop various strategies to accomplishing the overall well being of the kids.

Since a lack of education is considered one of the main causes of poverty, all of DAR’s children are given formal education all the way up until they graduate high school – free of charge. And although the results don’t always show overnight, the importance of literacy and intellectual competence is indispensable for their continued development and growth. Additionally, DAR’s kids are given ongoing training in becoming productive citizens and leaders within their community. Today DAR currently has over 150 children enrolled and because of the great need and desire for a better future, there is a long waiting list of potential students, just pending the financial sponsorship to join.

The Department of Psychology was established with the main objective to provide therapeutic assistance to all the problems faced by children in their everyday lives, supporting family unity, and meet the emotional needs, to train children up predominantly mental health and emotional intelligence. Restoring mental health increases the opportunities to succeed in life. We believe in individuals with a maximum use of the personal and social skills that impact the environment positively, developing leadership and change for future generations, with proper integration into society.

DAR not only focuses on the child, but also reaches out to the parents and adults within the community. And because many times impoverished people have unused or misused resources, DAR partners with their local communities in teaching them basic farming skills, business concepts, and often even donate important equipment such as efficient stoves, water purification systems, free courses, etc. all toward the goal of making them more productive and self sufficient. Although addressing urgent issues such as hunger is vital, DAR places constant emphasis on developing the long term potential of these wonderful Guatemalan people.

Contact Information:

Guatemala Tele[jpme: (502) 2381-7709 (502) 2381-7777

Address: Avenida Hincapié 18-05 Zona 13, Hangar i-3, Guatemala, Guatemala, 01013

Email: contacto@dar.org.gt

Contactos personales
Lourdes Ralda de Morataya
Directora General
Teléfono: (502) 2381-7709

EDUArdo magermans
Gerente de Mercadeo Social
Teléfono: (502) 2381-7709 Cel. (502) 4024-6910

Karina Quintana
Administrador Central

Teléfono. (502) 238/1-7709 Cel.(502) 4007-4626

Marlen debroy
Misiones Internacionales
Teléfono: (502) 2381-7709 Cel. (502) 4001-6571

Sheyla ramirez de aquino
Asistente de Gerencia
Teléfono: (502) 2381-7709

Pedro villavicencio
Teléfono. (502) 238

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